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We got Mel involved early in our building process. She gave us some great advice for the interior of our house which allowed us time to develop our own thoughts as the house was being built. Mel organised a range of samples from carpet to curtains to kitchen splashbacks which we set up as a display and looked at constantly. When it came time to decorate the interior we knew exactly what we wanted, and with Mel’s help we were able to achieve it. We also relied on Bronwyn for advice and feedback for the exterior colours of our house, which proved extremely valuable. Her advice and opinions was also invaluable when it came to choosing and considering the finer details on a whole lot of things from bathroom tiles to the size of our architraves. Now that the house is complete and being lived in, we continue to pop into their shop and look for things that continue to make our house a home. Both Mel and Bronwyn are very aware of our house, and what would look great in it. A couple of negatives though, they tend to have a fixation with wanting to put couches in front of cosy fires, even if this means locating the couch in a heavy traffic area, DON'T BE SUCKED IN BY THIS, and also if they want to professionally photograph your house for advertising purposes, they make you vacuum areas while the shoot is taking place and photograph you in the process.Brett and Sonia
Working with Turton Oliver, I feel I have moved from a client to a friend of not only yours Mel, but to the entire HOME Design team. HOME Design compliments one another giving great advice when requested and always welcoming me when I pop into the store at Queenwood Village.

Mel, you resonate a warmth that from the outset helped me as the client feel at ease and comfortable when working together. From our first meeting you not only listed to our thoughts, but you 'gaged' George and my personality from our design and our furnishings that we had already acquired in our new home.

Mel, as an interior designer you have been given a special gift of taking a house, dressing the windows, hunting out accessories and taking the client on an enjoyable journey to complete our story, making a home that not only gives us constant joy but also has our personal stamp on it. HOME Designs quality and workmanship is of extremely high standard.George and Andrea
Thank you Turton Oliver! Bronwyn and Mel have been professional and fun to work with on our building project. Bronwyn has been invaluable with helping us to choose products for our new house; from the kitchen, bathrooms, floor coverings, right through to the lighting & finishing details. Bronwyn was excellent in listening to our ideas and then suggesting products or options to suit. Mel has organized all the window treatments and also some of our soft furnishings. She has been fun and creative to work with. Having Bronwyn and Mel work on our house has been more like having a couple of friends (who knew what they were talking about) helping out. Building a house can be difficult and stressful, but not so with these two. Thanks Bronwyn and Mel.Walter and Janice